Forums of Rectors

The 4th Forum of Rectors of the Russian Federation and the Islamic Republic of Iran

The 4th Forum of Rectors of the Russian Federation and the Islamic Republic of Iran was held on the Kish Island in the branch of the University of Tehran on November 24, 2018.

The Forum was attended by rectors and heads of 13 Iranian and 17 Russian universities.

The following issues were discussed during the Forum:

  • joint plans and projects of Russian and Iranian universities: problems and prospects;
  • international experience in university management;
  • ways to establish cooperation between Iranian and Russian universities in accordance with the promotion of international academic rankings;
  • the position of universities in the field of applied and basic research.

The Forum resulted in the adoption of a resolution, according to which the parties decided to continue cooperation between Russian and Iranian universities in the scientific and educational sphere; to support the active participation of Russian and Iranian universities in the Moscow International University ranking "Three University Missions"; to assist in the study of the Persian language in Russian universities and Russian language in Iranian universities; to promote the involvement of Russian and Iranian universities in international inter-university associations.